Major NFL Team Takes Desperate Measures to Save Its Reputation - Trump Was Right Again
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Major NFL Team Takes Desperate Measures to Save Its Reputation – Trump Was Right Again

The NFL brought nothing but divisiveness and imbalance to the country. Everything started as soon as Colin Kaepernick took the knee before the national anthem as a sign of protest. Ever since then, many NFL players have joined on the ‘liberal fun’ and disrespected the national flag, anthem, and police force. Things have turned so sour that now an NFL team is obliged to go against what they stand for.

The sad truth is that no one did anything about the protests and no player was ever sanctioned for their misbehavior. Although NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goodell vowed on several occasions to try and get his league out of the dirt, and castigate all offenders in the matter, it all evaporated into thin air.

Some NFL teams were decent enough to understand where America’s priorities stand and how valuable its symbols are to the nation. One of them is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who warned his players they’ll be all fired if they protest the anthem. However, other teams seem not to blink an eye whatsoever when it comes to making amends.

As a direct result of the tensions, the NFL began struggling with keeping people interested in football, because everything turned out to be not about football at all. The league’s ratings began plummeting, and all TV networks who aired NFL games lost millions of dollars due to the players’ disinterest. Fans have quit their favorite teams, leaving football arenas empty for the first time…probably ever.

Now, the Ravens were forced to pull all advertisements to get fans to buy tickets at a minimum cost.

Just last week, the Ravens took out their advertisements and offered cheaper tickets, by initiating a campaign titled “Win Together. Purchase your tickets today,” reported the Baltimore Sun.

With fans already giving up their seasonal tickets and trying to sell them online, this would be a tough mission for the Ravens to accomplish. Ticket prices dropped down to $29 on Ticketmaster, eBay or remaining selling outlets.

In midst of the season, business should be booming, like it had boomed for years back. Still, this is now a head-scratcher for the NFL managing board that has no clue how to fix the problem. Also, ticket prices are ridiculously low, which points to the fact the sports establishment is in serious crisis.

Moreover, fans won’t even reconsider making a ‘comeback’ to the league, which should be worrisome for many.

“The Ravens are finding themselves in the same situation as a lot of NFL teams this year,” said T.J. Brightman, president of A. Bright Idea, a public relations and marketing firm with offices in Bel Air and California. “There is a disengagement by fans across the country stemming from the daily and weekly stories the NFL league office confronts.”

President Trump was vocal enough once the protests started, warning the league of potential collapse if boycotts continue happening in the foreseeable future. It has all reached a point where even the League’s most favorite teams cannot grab their fans’ attention and bring them live to watch a game. Aside from President Trump, VP Mike Pence also made a clear move on the issue, leaving an NFL game due to heavy protests.

According to the Sun’s Jeff Barker, the Ravens pulled the low-priced ticket move to “help fans” sell their tickets. Nevertheless, the team’s vice president in charge of ticket sales and operations, Baker Koppelman, found the ad campaign move rather concerning and inexplicable.

Koppelman confessed to the  paper, “it is relatively new for us to advertise or promote ticket sales when we’ve sold out every game in our history.”

The interesting thing is, though, no player found guilt within himself, nor has anyone come forward to apologize or elaborate on the issue. This tenacity will get the NFL nowhere, and it could be sooner rather than later that we get to see American football ‘die’ for good.

What a shame.



  1. Bret

    December 6, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    All they did was prepare for the future, because it can’t be much longer before they lose all sponsors

  2. Cheryl

    December 6, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    Well written thank you the NFL did this to himself this is what happens when you let boys go to school for free learn nothing and remain boys we fans did not see color all we saw was a uniform now all we see is a whiny black boy

  3. Wyatt2

    December 7, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Yeah, I’m all PROTEST petered out. Any act now to fill the stadium will involve protest. Even if they are standing, facing the flag, hand over heart, and protesters singing the correct tune. The anthem has never been about three verses. It was written by an eyewitness during the 24 hour British bombardment of Fort McHenry in Boston Harbor in the war of 1812. The tune itself is a British barroom favorite drinking tune. READ ABOUT IT!!! Instead of labeling it!!!

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