Media Hyped Global Hate Over Trump's Jerusalem Move, but Watch How Israel Reacted [VIDEO]
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Media Hyped Global Hate Over Trump’s Jerusalem Move, but Watch How Israel Reacted [VIDEO]

If the left opinion mattered as much as they believe it does, we would have thought that Israel hates President Trump for recently declaring Jerusalem the official country capital last week.However, according to the latest video, the Israelis couldn’t have been more thrilled with this move.

Trump became the first ever president to do a move to this extreme, while Obama was playing nice with the rich kids. The President also mentioned that the U.S. would be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem after all is said and done.

The Middle East has been fighting this issue for years back, and it caused nothing but tensions among neighbors. Therefore, a natural solution was more than necessary.

Aside from the U.S. and driven by Trump’s courage, other countries were quick to support the decision.

But, a Facebook user, called Robert Tiso posted a video on his profile, giving America a glimpse of a wave of people in Jerusalem praising Trump for what he did.

So far, the video has reached 3.7 million views, 18,000 likes, and 110,000 shares.

Jerusalem festive for recognition as capital of Israel from USA (Ha Erzot Ha Berit).!!!!

Posted by Roberto Tiso on Friday, December 8, 2017

This only goes to show that people can appreciate good politics over shady promises. The Israelis are actually quite peaceful and glorify the decision, unlike their nemesis, the ever-aggressive Palestinians. Still, Democrats are not giving up on the idea that this is a divisive move on Trump’s behalf.

If ‘God forbid, they showed how much Trump was liked, the whole world would be mesmerized, which is not a thing Democrats like.

But, if Trump was the man who relied on liberal beliefs, we would be looking at a different outcome right about now. Luckily, he’s not the man to fall under the left’s pressure.

Regardless of what mainstream media would have you believe, this video is the epitome of how people in Siarel truly feel about Trump and his revolutionary quest.


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