Mexico Officially Withdraws Its Plan to Aid Hurricane Harvey Victims
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Mexico Officially Withdraws Its Plan to Aid Hurricane Harvey Victims

On Monday, Mexico announced its official decision to deny help needed to victims affected by Hurricane Harvey’s hit. Just last month, Mexico stepped out with an offer of food, beds, generators, mobile kitchens, and medical cares. America didn’t respond to the initial offer of help in the first place.

Mexico itself was hit by an earthquake costing 96 people their lives, and affecting almost 2.5 million people. Aside from the earthquake, the country was also hit by Hurricane Katia, that caused massive floods and forced the authorities to call a state of emergency across its territory.

“Given these circumstances, the Mexican government will channel all available logistical support to serve the families and communities affected in the national territory,” the Mexican foreign ministry noted in a statement. said.

Furthermore, the ministry gave America nine days to accept or deny Mexico’s help and pointed out “only certain logistical aid” was accepted altogether.

Despite the fact that the government never provided help, the Red Cross in Mexico still sent food to those in need.  and supplies to storm victims.

However, the help would not amend the current relationship between Mexico and the U.S. down the line.

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox explained that Trump’s call to shut down the DACA program was “on the top of the vilest acts” Trump has ever “pulled off.”

“You’re destroying the legacy of greater men before you,” Fox wrote.

“It is the worst action you have ever done against the ones that cannot defend themselves,” he tweeted in addition.“This measure is cruel and heartless, worse than any machine.”

Mexico, on the other hand, caused major trade issues and was as a result called out by America later on.

Mexican media also highlighted the fact that Trump has not spoken about the earthquake.

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1 Comment

  1. Bill T Cowart

    September 13, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    Hey Fox why don’t you take all your illegal DACA people? They can start a new life in Mexico and get on your welfare.

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