MSNBC Attempts to Ambush Moore.. Unfortunately for Them, The Mall Manager Issues a Statement of His Own
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MSNBC Attempts to Ambush Moore.. Unfortunately for Them, The Mall Manager Issues a Statement of His Own

It hasn’t been easy for Senate candidate Roy Moore this past couple of weeks.

The Republican found himself under fire, as unconfirmed reports on him sexually harassing minors blew up right in the open. With the Senate elections already in plain sight, we cannot help but think this has a little bit of a liberal feel to it.

The judge was accused of sexually abusing teenage girls when he was in his late 30s. For the time being, no viable evidence testifying to that accusation has been revealed.

But, this is America and the liberal pressure is harsher than ever before. Think of every liberal politician and add mainstream media to the equation and Voila! You have yourselves a scandal.

One of MSNBC’s hosts, Stephanie Ruhle, had a rather intense discussion on the topic with Pastor Mark Burns.

Burns warned that just by throwing accusations at someone, without holding a valid proof, can be a career-ending move for the respective party.

“Today it’s Judge Moore, tomorrow it could be you,” the pastor said. This caused quite the eruption.

“Sir, it can’t be me tomorrow, because when I was in my 30s, I didn’t get banned from a mall,” she exclaimed.

The former mall manager discredits these claims as truthful.

“Barnes Boyle was the manager of the Gadsden Mall from 1981 to 1996,” explained WBRC News in Alabama.

Although this is not the same time period of the attacks, the mole manager would have known if a person was a predator just by hearing it ‘through the grapevines.’ Moore, who was an assistant district attorney at the time, was forbidden from entering the mall.

“To my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall,” Boyle said in his statement.

It is becoming obvious that liberal outlets are pushing for a rhetoric that is simply not there.

And let’s be frank, we don’t know what’s the truth is either, but isn’t that the point? No one does. So, why speculate?

This hasn’t stopped media outlets from throwing trash in Moore’s face, with even Mitt Romney defining Moore as damaged goods.

Are Democrats so desperate to win, they can only do so by sparking up rumors and controversies?

Also, some of Moore’s accusers failed to provide correct or valid information on what exactly happened. All we know is, he allegedly assaulted them.

So, we’ve basically become a nation that operates solely on gossip and assumptions? What a shame that is for us as Americans.

You know, the law clearly states- someone’s innocent until proven otherwise.

Pastor Mark Burns made sure this was understood and heard, so there was no confusion. Just because a liberal pointed a finger at someone, doesn’t make their accusations truthful.

For the time being, we need to keep a cool head on our shoulders and not get sucked in by the intense, yet delusional liberal narrative. With the elections only a month away, we should be looking out for more liberal traps.

I guess it’s their style, but just because they have their way of doing things, doesn’t make those things particularly true.

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