Nearby Mayor Trashes Mayor Cruz While Praising Trump: Cruz is Not Doing Her Job
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Nearby Mayor Trashes Mayor Cruz While Praising Trump: Cruz is Not Doing Her Job

Many in Puerto Rico, including Angel Perez, the mayor of Guaynabo, acknowledged that the President and his team were exceptionally helpful in times of need. He also noted San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz could do a better job in helping her city if she was actually present at one of her FEMA meetings.

Cruz, who is a hardcore Democrat, trashed Trump on several occasions, wanting to encourage only “genocide.”

Therefore Fox News reporter and attorney Geraldo Rivera put Cruz in her place by reporting directly from site:

“San Juan Mayor says residents are ‘dying,’ and somehow Donald Trump is to blame,” Geraldo tweeted. “I’m here. Who is dying? Where? Let me help save them.”

Guaynabo’s Mayor Angel Perez was unclear on what Cruz refers when speaking of deaths and confirmed the city was getting the much-needed help.This automatically proves that the POTUS is doing a wonderful job given the circumstances, Honestly, I can’t say I’ve seen Obama step up to the plate like this. And this is all thanks to FEMA.

I don’t know why she is saying that,” Perez told the Daily Caller. “She is not participating in any meetings. We had a couple already with the governors and with representation of FEMA and of HUD, these whole federal agencies that have given us help. We are receiving assistance from FEMA. I got people over here helping us with applications for the people that have damage in their houses.”

She clearly referred to Richard Rossello’s earlier words who also confirmed Trump and the White House have been absolutely engaged in helping the country.

San Juan ‘s mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz spoke to every liberal outlet and told them trump was actually nowhere to be found. At the same time, she wore a T-Shirt that left many jaw-dropped, although the lefties found it normal.

According to recent reports, more than  10,000 food, water, and medical supplies containers, have been sent off to San Juan Port because the country doesn’t have that many truck drivers at disposal at the moment.

Does that make Trump a culprit in any way?

Below, find Mayor Cruz  as she cries over the situation in Puerto Rico for no good reason, the food:

If the Mayor was decent enough to do her job, that comes with the title, none of this would turn up this way.

“What we need is for the mayor to make her way to the joint field office and get plugged into what’s going on,” Long said.

TA the very same time, Senator Marco Rubio noted the disbursing aid issue is ON THE GROUND IN PUERTO RICO.

Twitter users outbursted in anger, because of the ‘incompetent, lazy, race-baiting mayor’ and as a result, many people didn’t get everything they needed.

Ana Navarro, who is not the biggest fan of Trump, got deeply political on Twitter, saying that Puerto Ricans should have played everything in a democratic way:

Mayor Cruz doesn’t have the time to althogether visit the FEMA center.

Instead of attending FEMA meetings, Mayor Cruz gleefully panders to the anti-Trump liberal media.

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1 Comment

  1. Margaret M Cason

    October 2, 2017 at 1:47 am

    why bring truckloads of reporters????? Bring what they can for the people-food especially before it goes bad!!!

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