Newly Released DOJ Emails Put Comey In An Alarming Situation He Didn't Expect
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Newly Released DOJ Emails Put Comey In An Alarming Situation He Didn’t Expect

The DOJ released a handful of emails that are bound to put former FBI Director, James Comey, in a very unsettling position.

The emails have to do with Comey’s knowledge of Loretta Lynch’s and Bill Clinton’s notorious meeting prior to the 2016 elections. As you know, after the meeting took place, Hillary Clinton was magically spared from prosecution in the entire email hacking affair.

The DOJ’s emails were acquired through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, filed by the American Center for Law and Justice. As they pointed out, these documents prove that “the Comey FBI lied to us.”

“Last July, we sent FOIA requests to both the Comey FBI and the Lynch DOJ asking for any documents related to the Clinton Lynch plane meeting. The FBI, under the then directorship of James Comey, replied that ‘No records responsive to your request were located,’” ACLJ stated last week.

“The documents we received today from the Department of Justice include several emails from the FBI to DOJ officials concerning the meeting. One with the subject line ‘FLAG’ was correspondence between FBI officials (Richard Quinn, FBI Media/Investigative Publicity, and Michael Kortan) and DOJ officials concerning ‘flag(ing) a story . . . about a casual, unscheduled meeting between former president Bill Clinton and the AG.’ The DOJ official instructs the FBI to ‘let me know if you get any questions about this’ and provides ‘(o)ur talkers (DOJ talking points) on this’. The talking points, however are redacted.

Another email to the FBI contains the subject line ‘security details coordinate between Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton?’”

Aside, from Comey, Loretta Lynch’s dirty deeds are beginning to surface, which will ultimately lead her to the point of no return, guilt-wise.

It is appalling to have Comey being aware of the aforementioned meeting, and it is even more disturbing that he did everything in his power to cover up the scandal. As you know, Loretta even asked of him on one occasion to address the Clinton affair as a ‘matter’ instead of an investigation.

Since things are heating up in a fast pace, we can expect ‘heads to roll’ when it comes to unraveling the case. Truth of the matter is, Comey and Lynch deserve nothing less but to be thoroughly investigated on the matter and to sink down along with every other involved liberal.

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