Obama Ignites Disapproval in Americans After Criticizing President Trump Abroad
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Obama Ignites Disapproval in Americans After Criticizing President Trump Abroad

Former President Barack Obama followed in Trump’s footsteps, and carried out a trip to Asia and a few other places, in efforts to keep his name mentioned in the world of politics. However, that is not that big of a problem, as it is the fact that Obama took this time to bash Trump wherever he went.

Moreover, he kind of likes to pretend he’s still in charge, a fact that disturbs many Americans and world leaders.

Take President Xi Jinping for example, who met Trump during the POTUS’ 12-day-long tour in Asia.

On Tuesday, Obama made his way to Shanghai, where he held a speech at a business conference and then took off to Beijing to speak at an educational event. Obama also met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had nothing but praise for President Trump following his visit to the region.

Obama held his speech at an event hosted by business non-profit the Global Alliance of SMEs, a happening also attended by roughly 2,500 industry executives. Obama stated that the China-U.S. relations were the ones to pay attention to, as he expressed willingness to work through any disagreements the countries might have. But, Obama seems to be forgetting he is not in charge anymore.

Now, Obama is expected to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well.

A statement from Obama’s office states that the former POTUS “forged a close and cooperative partnership with President Xi on issues ranging from growing the global economy to combating climate change, and he looks forward to catching up with his former counterpart.”

This is where it gets tricky. Obama is not only NOT the President anymore, but he has no real impact on America’s governmental issues any longer.

Trump and China managed to come to a joint agreement regarding the future relationship between the two countries, and here we have Obama meddling like there’s no tomorrow.

This is a very deliberate move on Obama’s behalf, especially given the timing of his visit- right in midst of North Korea’s aggression, a country quite connected to China’s economic and military issues.

At the moment, Obama is in France, discussing democratic approaches regarding the world’s problems with his fellow lefties in Europe.

Obama doesn’t know how to just attend an event abroad without putting Trump on the spot.

This first became apparent as Obama visited India., although he had tendencies to bash trump on various other occasions as well.

He even took to Twitter to discuss how someone (meaning, Trump), should use his platform when addressing the nation:

“And look, I’ve got 100 million Twitter followers. I actually have more than other people who use it more often,” said Obama, followed by, “Think before you tweet.”

Now, cozied up in France, Obama took a swing at Trump, stating, ‘We have a temporary absence of American leadership’ on climate change.

“I grant you that at the moment we have a temporary absence of American leadership on the issue,” Obama reported, causing raised eyebrows in former French ministers and CEOs at the event.

Obama continued by saying, “You’re seeing American companies and states and cities continuing to work” to keep business and economics of the country developing. Well, no thanks to you, Obama.

Someone ought to knock some sense into Obama and finally solve his demons, who obviously suggest that he should still act as if he was the President.

Obama also needs to pay attention to the Logan Act violation, which prevents private citizens like Obama from discussing politics of all sorts with other influential figures.

Although no one ever carried out this act in practice, this might be the ideal opportunity for it.



  1. GERAL

    December 4, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    AND whopaid formmhis trip We the American txpayers!Get his butt back to where he belongs and give him a trial for ‘Nunmericnism’! !
    GEM 1776-2017… he is one of the ‘Enimies from Within’!

    • Geral Martin

      December 5, 2017 at 10:59 am

      JAIL for tampering with the 2016 s-Elections

  2. Mark Burns

    December 4, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    A POS. You can have him

  3. William R Wolf

    December 4, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Employ the Logan Act immediately, and STOP Obama from interfering in President Trumps Foreign Policy. Obama should be blocked from visiting with foreign dignitaries, and leaders of foreign Countries. He is deliberately trying to undermine President Trumps recent foreign tour and meetings. We only have one President, and that imposter Obama needs to be prosecuted under the Logan Act. We must stop Obama someway, before he does some serious damage to our foreign policy today.

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