REPORT: Al Gore's Persistent Fraud Exposed By A 2.7 Million-Year-Long Ice
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REPORT: Al Gore’s Persistent Fraud Exposed By A 2.7 Million-Year-Long Ice

Al Gore has had a rough summer altogether. After his “An Inconvenient Sequel” became the summer’s failure, he was struck with another unfortunate fact, that a 2.7-million-year-old ice is proving he has been completely mis-informative all along.

As per a report from the Science Daily, “a core drilled in Antarctica has yielded 2.7-million-year-old ice, an astonishing find 1.7 million years older than the previous record-holder.”

“Bubbles in the ice contain greenhouse gases from Earth’s atmosphere at a time when the planet’s cycles of glacial advance and retreat were just beginning, potentially offering clues to what triggered the ice ages,” the article explains.

I’m assuming you are aware that ice ages are caused by low carbon dioxide levels, so there you have it.

This information was revealed to the Goldschmidt Conference in Paris, after a paper composed by Princeton University graduate student Yuzhen Yan shed light on the truth.

As the paper analyzes, carbon dioxide levels in this time frame “did not exceed 300 parts per million, well below today’s levels.”

This would later be relevant for the ice age era.

The ice contained carbon dioxide levels of its own, unlike the presumed scientific belief where carbon dioxide levels from fossils became the focal point. If this turns out to be correct, “We have some work to do,” said Texas A&M paleo-climatologist Yige Zhang..

The ice age was a very specific era in time that certainly would not happen anytime soon, although in the mid 70’s scientist warned we’re closer to it than it seems.

Al Gore doesn’t seem to be particularly concerned about lying to America altogether, and that is rather alarming. Fraud alert? Indeed.

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1 Comment

  1. Evans Evans

    August 18, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Fuck Al Gore. He needs to keep looking for Man-Bear-Pig.

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