San Juan Mayor Gets into T-Shirt Making Business in Midst Of Hurricane Crisis
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San Juan Mayor Gets into T-Shirt Making Business in Midst Of Hurricane Crisis

Puerto Rico has a lot to be troubled about, as the mayor of San Juan, the city most impacted by recent hurricanes, did something that utterly upset the population in the region. Aside from the mayor’s constant hate for Trump, she stepped out for an interview with CNN, wearing a T-shirt that read “help us, we are dying.”

To CNN host Anderson Cooper, this seemed quite normal.

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz saw no problem with wearing the T-Shirt, although the country is at a massive loss of real-estate, basic living utilities and other. The crowd was unwilling to accept this kind of silent protesting in desperate times for Puerto Rico.

Mayor Cruz went all dramatic about people losing their lives at the cost of trump’s uninterested nature, but reporting from Puerto Rico was Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera who clearly asked, “I’m here. Who is dying? Why? Where? Let me help save them.”

Rivera met Cruz later on, but she seems to have forgotten (or did she?) to wear the same T0Shirt that caused controversy among people in America and Puerto Rico as well. Cruz didn’t seem to have a care int he world as she spoke with Rivera and made it the T-shirt wearing incident a non-important one.

CNN, on the other hand, was thrilled to have the mayor stand up to Trump like that:

Aside from the wearable tops, Cruz found the time and money to make a few related hats as well:

But the dramatic political theater was summed up nicely in a couple of tweets:

Twitter was quick to erupt in disagreement, laming the mayor of wasting money and equipment to focus on what didn’t matter the most- the political aspect of it all:

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