Trump Officially Recognises Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel - Then Pope Francis Speaks Out: 'I Cannot Keep Silent'
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Trump Officially Recognises Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel – Then Pope Francis Speaks Out: ‘I Cannot Keep Silent’

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump gave a piece of history back to Israel, after recognizing Jerusalem as its officials capital.

The decision caused a series of distinctive reactions among world’s politicians.

For instance, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave the decision two thumbs up while others hesitated in that department. One of Trump’s harshest critics was definitely the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

As the Pope stated, this could cause potential turbulence in the region, drawing the Middle East into a pit.

On Tuesday, the Pope got the chance to talk to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“The conversation,” said Vatican spokesman Greg Burke, was “part of a series of contacts made by the president of the Palestinian National Authority after his conversation with Donald Trump during which — according to Abbas’ spokesman — the U.S. president announced his intention to move the American embassy.”

So far, the Pope’s Vatican was keen on the idea of a two-state solution for Israel, which gives credit and border stability to both Israel and Palestine.

Numerous Muslim leaders didn’t hesitate to condemn Trump on his latest political call.

Abbas explained how the entire decision is a cleverly contemplated tactic to bring more destabilization in the Middle East. The Palestinian president assured Jerusalem is the “eternal capital of the state of Palestine.”

Netanyahu, on the other hand, thinks that Trump’s final decision is a “historic landmark,” which is nothing short of “courageous and just.”

Still, the Vatican was never on board with giving Jerusalem so much power especially with Israelis lurking every step of the way. Also, Catholics urged there was a reason why no embassy could be found in Jerusalem in the first place. Still, Palestinians seem careless about this fact, and only seek to claim the territory as their official capital.

According to the Pope, “Jerusalem is a unique city, sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims who venerate the holy places of their respective religions, and has a special vocation to peace.”

The religious figure also met up with key influential religious entities in Palestine. As he said, the most relevant thing was to obtain mutual respect “for the sake of recognizing the rights of all people, wherever they happen to be.”

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