The Truth is Out: Details on Las Vegas Shooter's Rifle are Exposed, Despite Liberal Efforts to Hide it
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The Truth is Out: Details on Las Vegas Shooter’s Rifle are Exposed, Despite Liberal Efforts to Hide it

Second Amendment haters have gathered to boycott it in the aftermath of Las Vegas’ shooting. Still, there is just one slight issue with the protests.

As many reports stated so far, the shooter that was taken down by the police after the attack, used an automatic weapon to carry out the shooting.

“The crack-crack of automatic fire can be heard but because of the echo it is unclear where it is coming from, leading to confusion about where to safely run,” explained The Sun.

The Washington Post also asserted the gun used in the massacre was automatic.  “The sound of gunfire captured on videos recorded during the massacre indicates that Paddock used at least one automatic weapon.”

“So far, at least one has been identified as an AK-47 type rifle,” they reported.

Assuming the information we’re getting is correct, this has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. This is mainly because one cannot just use a permit to buy a gun of this sort and use it for personal purposes. To have and hold an automatic weapon, one needs to find other ways, and not legal ones, for that matter.

“You do not need a permit to buy a rifle, shotgun or handgun, nor do you need to register the weapon, or be licensed to own one,” Quartz reported. However, what the ‘forgot’ to say was that a federal inspection must take place before guns of this sort are allowed for purchase.

There is another thing that is to be said about automatic and machine guns- laws already regulate the purchase and movement of the guns already, so it would take a person illegal actions to get his hands onto one.

Automatic weapons are covered by the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986. As the law provides, each NFA firearm needs to have its own registration with the ATF. Prior to this, there is a more thorough inspection in place, involving photographs and fingerprints.

If a person violates the National Firearms Act, the sentence is ten years in prison.

Even more, guns of this sort are rarely used to perform crimes like this one.

In addition, the FBI concluded that rifles are the rarest option form of weapons performing a massacre.  As collected data explains, back in 2014, murders occurred mostly by using blunt objects, such as clubs and hammers, instead of any given rifle. This doesn’t even include automatic weapons.

Automatic weapons are the most regulated form of weaponry in America. So, to have someone use it to kill 58 people and injure 500 others, there must be an illegal pathway that led that person to the gun, and there must be a strong motive.

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