The Truth On Robert E. Lee's Mission In Life Is Bound To Infuriate Liberals
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The Truth On Robert E. Lee’s Mission In Life Is Bound To Infuriate Liberals

Charlottesville, Virginia has faced a wave of turbulence this past week, all because the statue of Robert E. Lee represented a landmark some Americans didn’t want to see removed.

According to George Rasley, editor of Conservative HQ, many Americans are uneducated on the Confederate aspect of the country. For them, Lee represents a symbol of racism while liberals believe these kind of symbols need to be removed.

Rasley discusses the existence of the lee statue in depth, naming the pros and cons about the whole occurrence.

While the progressives look at lee’s statue as a landmark of slavery and bigotry, conservatives believe it is a part of history and should not, as such, be removed.

“Lee refused the command on the grounds that he was a Virginian and owed his first allegiance to the state he believed was a sovereign entity with the right to stay in or leave the Union as it saw fit. He would, he said, not make war on the Union, but he would defend the state of his birth,” stated Rasley.

“I shall never bear arms against the Union, but it may be necessary for me to carry a musket in the defense of my native state, Virginia, in which case I shall not prove recreant to my duty,” he added.

Rasley also commented his personal feelings on slavery, noting “(w)hile Lee espused the paternalistic attitudes many Nineteenth Century Americans felt toward Africans, it certainly wasn’t because he believed slavery was just.”

“There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil,” Lee explained in 1856.

As Rasley says, Lee believed the South was worth fighting for because America was,  “an association of sovereign states that could, if they chose, leave it or dissolve it.”

It is worth also mentioning that the Declaration of Independence notes, “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

However, Rasley debates that “it isn’t what Lee did before and during the Civil War that makes him such an important figure in American history — and one that should be honored — it is what he did after the Civil War that earned him the memorials erected to his memory and a place in history that should be honored by all.”

“When Lee surrendered at Appomattox he also signed a parole document swearing upon his honor not to bear arms against the United States or to ‘tender aid to its enemies.’ Lee’s surrender and his immediate parole were essential in preventing the Civil War from continuing as a destructive guerrilla war that would have continued to rend the country indefinitely.”

“Lee spent his retirement as the president of Washington College in Virginia (which would be renamed as Washington & Lee) and would urge reconciliation between the North and the South. In his public letters, he urged “all should unite in honest efforts to obliterate the effects of war and to restore the blessings of peace.”

Lee couldn’t care about a statue built in his honor, he just believed he needs to stand up for what he believed in, which is worthy of our respect.

And all the while, liberals are still trying to present him as the enemy, while putting the rest of the blame on Trump, in regards to the recent Virginia violence, that is.

Minorities are to be respected that is a given. However, we need to refrain from creating opinions and being bias. Instead, we have to unify our citizens and fight our foreign enemies as a result.

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  1. leandro4786

    August 17, 2017 at 5:18 am

    I know this website offers quality based articles and extra information, is there any other web site which provides these data in quality?

  2. James Register

    August 19, 2017 at 12:35 am

    To be removed is one thing, but to be destroyed is another. I don’t understand how the police can stand around and watch the distroution of the history of our nation. This is ,I think the best nation in the world. There are ways of doing things right and this did not get done right. Some body needs to serve time for their actions. That action should be clasified as distruction of Government Property. If these historical markers have to be removed as land markes, put them into museums.

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