Tucker Initiates Seuss-Gate: Michelle Obama Exposed on Reading Racially Inappropriate Books to Children
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Tucker Initiates Seuss-Gate: Michelle Obama Exposed on Reading Racially Inappropriate Books to Children

Conservative rebel, Tucker Carlson, was not the one to shy away from a debate with LaDawn Jones, who is a former Democratic member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Jones stepped out to defend the Massachusetts librarian who recently rejected Melania Trump’s books donation for their school, commenting Dr.Seuss was a topic that triggered nothing but racism.

However, once Carlson analyzed the fact that former First Lady, Michelle Obama, loved and read Dr.Seuss’s books to children back in her day, Jones felt powerless to defend anyone.

In that retrospect, even former President Obama himself said, “pretty much all the stuff you need to know is in Dr. Seuss.”

Both Obamas are huge fans of Dr. Seuss’ viewpoints and even organized a Cat in the Hat costume event at the White House years back, with then-First Lady, Michelle, reading Seuss’s Oh, the Things You Can Do That Are Good for You. You can check out the gallery below:

Once confronted with the facts, Jones was powerless to continue the narrative and rebellion. With no other mean at hands, Jones then began debating the “racist” depictions of “Asians” contained in the books.

For that reason, Tucker stated that Dr. Seuss’s caricatures of “Asians” were in regards to Japan’s WWII regime. At the time, Japan was responsible for killing around 10,000,000 Chinese, Indonesians, Filipinos, Indochinese, and others.

Carlson had one question for Jones after and it was whether she believes Dr. Seuss’ books went directly after what was a dictatorship regime, ending in a horrible genocide.

Regardless of the question, Jones stuck to her liberal opinions. Carlson, as a response, began the #SeussGate trend shortly after. He asked conservative commentator Mark Steyn to debate on racism and other issues, including Dr.Seuss’ books and if they represent the “dumbing down of American society.”

Steyn didn’t hesitate to state, “We are making ourselves a society too stupid to survive.”

The photo below showcases the librarian just a few years back when she obviously had a different approach:

Melania Trump was nothing short of elegant, asking her office to issue a statement to Fox News, saying that she only wanted to “help as many people as she can.” Her office also noted that “[to] turn the gesture of sending young students some books into something divisive is unfortunate, but the First Lady remains committed to her efforts on behalf of children everywhere.”

The public naturally sided mostly with Melania Trump, condemning the librarian’s move, with even her school criticizing her decision to act out alone on the donation.

Take a look at how social media users responded to this occurrence, and how the issue of book racism was handled on their part:

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