The USS Ronald Reagan Got Clear Instructions... “Rocket Man” is Finally Done
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The USS Ronald Reagan Got Clear Instructions… “Rocket Man” is Finally Done

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un is feeling very unsettling as the USS Ronald Reagan was just instructed to make a move.

According to the Yonhap News Agency reports the Navy was ordered to move the aircraft carrier to the Korean Peninsula. From here, the same will perform various training drills along with the USS Carl Vinson.

The practice was supposed to let the two carriers“ detect, track and intercept the North’s ballistic missiles, in addition to anti-submarine warfare training,” an official told Yonhap.

“We are in consultations (with the U.S.) on a plan for the aircraft strike group led by the nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan to operate in the East Sea around Oct. 15,” Yonhap reported.

“The Reagan will likely be accompanied by several other warships belonging to the strike group, such as an Aegis destroyer, a guided-missile cruiser, and a nuclear-powered submarine,” the report further elaborated.

According to a U.S. Forces Korea official, the drills will take place around Oct. 20, and explained an official agenda has not be made yet.

The official insisted the drill was “prearranged” without being a direct result of North Korea’s behavior. and not a response to the growing tensions with North Korea.

Rear Admiral Marc Dalton, commander of Reagan’s strike group, said the practice was intended to strengthen the military should it defend U.S. allies or simply bring peace to the region.

“The United States has been very clear about leveraging all options in order to get North Korea to change its path,” Dalton said.

Kim is probably tiptoeing around this information right about now.