WATCH: Al Franken Put on the Spot After a Dreadful Decades-Old Video He Wish Was Gone Resurfaces
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WATCH: Al Franken Put on the Spot After a Dreadful Decades-Old Video He Wish Was Gone Resurfaces

It is in the Democrats’ nature to take advantage of almost any given situation and make an affair out of it, as long as it puts Republicans in a ‘threatening’ position. Having the media on their side helps as well since Americans who support the left are always in for a show- whether it is the truth or a completely made up scenario.

For the past couple of weeks, we have been listening to lefties whining about Roy Moore, a Republican running for a seat in Senate. The scandal liberals managed to manufacture just to throw Moore in the pit was this- Moore allegedly sexually harassed several minors over 35 years ago. Sounds a bit too serendipitous? Well, that’s because it probably is.

Ever since the story broke, many have asked Moore to step down as a candidate for the spot, which hasn’t happened yet, simply because Moore dropped all claims against him as untrue and ridiculous.

Today, we also have politicians like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney who have asked Moore to do the very same, with no valid evidence, too.

Hey, if that’s the case, Al Franken better pack as well and hit the road!

On Thursday, a California TV host and sports radio broadcaster accused Democratic Sen. Al Franken of kissing and groping her involuntarily back in 2006. So, doesn’t this call for an investigation as well? None that we heard of, anyhow.

Leeann Tweeden uploaded a blog post in which she listed details regarding the incident, along with a photo of a grinning Franken watching over her as she sleeps In the picture he is also simulating grabbing her breasts.

Now, this is what a fact-supported evidence looks like. This is a clear case of a sexual misconduct and Democrats better watch it.

Imagine if this was a case involving Ted Cruz or any other God-honest Republican- we wouldn’t have heard liberals enough. Therefore, I believe it is only fair we ask Franken to step down and make room for someone else to join Congress.

Take a look at an even more disgusting Al Franken trying to make a joke about raping a baby:

Is this supposed to be entertaining?

Ann Coulter couldn’t stand aside and comment nothing on the matter.

Al Franken might have thought of himself as funny, but he stands alone. What he truly is, is a man who has no limits, no boundaries and no moral or ethical code whatsoever.

It would be interesting to see whether the pressure America puts on him will be enough for him to be forced out of his seat. He already struggled to win in 2007, whereas in 2016, Trump lost to only one point in Minnesota.

While liberals would like you to hear about Moore and what he’s done, even though there no proof of it whatsoever, you would never hear them go down that rod with Franken. Why? Because it is not in their interest to lose another spot where there’s actually attainable proof of a crime.

So let’s summarize for a moment. This is not a liberal attempt to bring justice to Americans. This is also not an attempt by them to try and introduce ‘fair’ politics and a ‘better’ America. this is merely a scenario orchestrated to ambush, undermine and overthrow Republicans, so Democrats can conquer the throne once again.

It is only weird they would never try and win fair and square. It is always a way paved with evil intentions, dark background, and sneaky tactics. Well, guess what? Us patriots can put up a fight as well, especially when our guy hasn’t been on any incriminating photos, and yours has.

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