WATCH: Ben Stein Ran over Beyonce's Absurd Climate Change Statement in 7 Words
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WATCH: Ben Stein Ran over Beyonce’s Absurd Climate Change Statement in 7 Words

Many Hollywood celebrities were quick to offer a helping hand to victims affected by Hurricanes Harve and Irma’s impact but were also tricky enough to bring politics into it as well. Figures such as Stevie Wonder and Beyonce did not shy away from making everything race-related while talking about climate change at the same time.

While many like-minded folks applauded their ‘courage’ to speak up, Fox News host Neil Cavuto felt the timing for this kind of preaching is simply wrong. noted that perhaps it wasn’t the best time for a lecture.

Cavuto had actor Ben Stein as a guest recently, who, to our satisfaction, dropped the hammer big time:

“We don’t need Beyonce lecturing us on climate change. We don’t need Beyonce lecturing us on racism. This country in terms of racism is so much better off than it has ever been. They’re saying things can’t get worse, she doesn’t know her … behind from her elbow.”

It wasn’t long before he addressed those racism claims as well:

“Mr. Trump is the least racist president there’s ever been — it just makes me sick to see people calling this a racist country and calling Mr. Trump a racist.”

Stein made a fair point, stating that many celebrities have kept their political opinions to themselves while helping out the hurricanes’ victims, because, in his mind, that should always come as a priority. Smart man, I might add. Now, if we could only find someone to kick some sense into Beyonce and Wonder- that would be awesome.

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1 Comment

  1. Marcy

    September 17, 2017 at 2:29 am

    Which 7 words is this article talking about?

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