Watch What Happened When Dem Voters Meet President Trump In Texas for the 1st Time [VIDEO]
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Watch What Happened When Dem Voters Meet President Trump In Texas for the 1st Time [VIDEO]

While on his second trip to Texas, President Trump managed to not only help out the victims affected by Hurricane Harvey’s floods but to also speak to actual families who have been evacuated or relocated due to the storm.

The President dedicated his time to listen to those who have experienced the disaster firsthand and made sure to offer them aid in case they needed it. In addition, he prayed with the locals and spent time on-site to evaluate the hurricane’s progress. The thing is, he managed to leave more than a political impression on those who met him. In their eyes, he actually became a person.

The thing to mention this time around was the fact that not everyone who met the POTUS was a Republican, so what he actually managed to do was win over a few Democratic hearts as well. A woman, who previously disagreed with his policies, opened up on what it was like to get to know him in person.
“I had a different opinion of him, and now I think that he’s a wonderful man,” said the woman.

This should serve every American that does not believe in Trump as a lesson- our president is worthy of both our repsect and our support since he is doing everything he can to help the country.

President Trump was quick to talk to children also evacuated during the hit, and joined the Red Cross to serve food to those who needed it most. Now, the media won’t air any of this, because learning that some of their supporters are actually giving Trump the thumbs up, doesn’t work to their benefit.

Texas has always stood proudly behind the President, thus he feels like he has a particular debt to repay to its citizens.

Another man evacuated in light of the floods, Joe Boyd, shared his insights from meeting Trump.

“If he died & went to heaven today, we got to see President Trump,” she said.

The President offered his and his administration’s help on various occasions, trying to prevent a catastrophe similar to the one when Hurricane Katrina stroke.

In addition, he asked Congress to donate money to the less fortunate, so the entire issue can be resolved as soon as possible. The liberal side of Congress was not too excited about the request, but they don’t need be- they need to listen to the Commander in Chief.

Until then, let’s keep praying for both Texas and Louisiana.

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  1. John

    September 5, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    I am waiting to see what becomes of the $1million he says he is donating personally.

  2. Treas

    September 5, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    President Trump is a wonderful man and Melania is a wonderful lady, God gave them to us for times like this.

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