Waters Tries to Ambush President Trump, But Sarah Sanders Gives Her the Rightful Treatment
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Waters Tries to Ambush President Trump, But Sarah Sanders Gives Her the Rightful Treatment

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has somehow managed to turn herself into the mastermind conspirator against President Trump, looking to corner him in every given situation.

Luckily, Trump has White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders standing in the ‘red corner,’ making sure nonsense allegations don’t take serious proportions.

Waters, who recently appeared on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, didn’t hesitate to take a swing at Trump, despite the weak credibility in her stories. “Well, Deutsche Bank emerges as extremely important because they’re known to be a money-laundering bank,” said the California Democrat. “They have been fined over $600 million between the U.K. and the United States for money laundering,” she added.

“They do not have the kind of operation in the bank that would keep up with what is going on and we can follow what is going on,” said Waters.“But they have been known to basically get around the kind of controls that they should have,” she added.

“In addition to that, they’re the only bank really that will lend money to Donald Trump,” Waters went on, telling a blatant lie. “Donald Trump has sued them. They have sued him back. But yet, they continue to lend him large sums of money. Donald Trump owes them $300 million; $170 million of that for the Trump Hotel that they have to finance in Washington, D.C,” she said.

What Waters was referring to was Tuesday’s “fake news” report by Bloomberg, where it was said that special counsel Robert Mueller asked to look into Trump’s financial reports.

In particular, “Special prosecutor Robert Mueller zeroed in on President Donald Trump’s business dealings with Deutsche Bank AG as his investigation into alleged Russian meddling in U.S. elections widens.”

“Mueller issued a subpoena to Germany’s largest lender several weeks ago, forcing the bank to submit documents on its relationship with Trump and his family, according to a person briefed on the matter, who asked not to be identified because the action has not been announced,” the report goes on.

Chris Hayes’ first instinct should have been to stop Waters right there and call her out on the fabricated story she was selling to the public.

Hayes didn’t show any willingness to halt Waters, so Sarah Sanders took matters into her own hands. “If Robert Mueller ends up looking into the president’s finances, or if he has already looked into the president’s finances, does the president, does this White House believe that is a ‘red line,’ and if so, why?” Sanders was asked on Tuesday.

“Look, I think it’s important to note, and hopefully, you guys have seen this statement that Jay Sekulow, a member of the president’s legal team, has put out within the last hour,” said Sanders.

“That they confirmed that the news reports that the special counsel had subpoenaed financial records relating to the president are completely false, no subpoena has been issued or received, we’ve confirmed this with the bank and other sources,” she added.

“I think that this is another example of the media going too far too fast, and we don’t see it going in that direction,” Sanders explained, going against the journalist community that looks forward to crushing Trump for no good reason.

“Completely false” is the narrative that Sanders was going after. Therefore, it became obvious the Trump-Deutsche Bank story was a complete fluke. Still, we cannot expect Waters to rest well at night, knowing Sanders was one step ahead of her on the rhetoric.

Waters is also too proud to admit that she had wronged Trump, and the same is true for other lefties who can only find pleasure and peace in the fact that Trump might one day fall to the pressure.

What Waters and others like her don’t actually know is that the odds of that actually happening are almost non-existent.

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1 Comment

  1. Jimmie

    December 8, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Democrat liberals believe that God has given them an exemption from the 10 commandments ….because they are so smart they can bring false witness, commit adultery and disregard all the other rules for decent living because their cause is so “pure”….

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