Mike Golic Unloads on LaVar Ball by Asking One Question No One Else Would [VIDEO]
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Mike Golic Unloads on LaVar Ball by Asking One Question No One Else Would [VIDEO]

ESPN’s Mike Golic reacted adequately to LaVar Ball’s deal-making for his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo who landed in an underestimated professional team in Lithuania, by asking everyone a question:

“What in the hell has he gotten these kids into?”

For those less informed, the Ball brothers found themselves out of school after their father pulled his youngest son LaMelo from high school and began coaching him on his own. At the same time, he did the same for middle son LiAngelo left UCLA, who faced an indefinite suspension from UCLA after he was busted shoplifting in China.

Now, the Ball duo will spice up the Prienai-Birstonas Vytautas team.

The team is so poor, they cannot even organize proper training sessions.

Gloic does state that the team’s coach is actually LaVar’s best friend.

What is even worse, reports now say the coach is not even speaking English with the team.

Golic comes down hard at LaVar, stating that the “fun and games” period apparently ended already.

“By all accounts, he obviously cares a lot about his kids and their future. And some of it you kind of laugh off, some of it is cutesy, some of it is a little more serious,” Golic said.

“This one, man. … You had a kid playing at UCLA, who maybe after the winter break would have been allowed back on the team. You had another one who is a junior in high school, and they’re both taken from that and playing in Lithuania — where they rarely sign American players, the only one being former Vanderbilt guard Brad Tinsley. He played in this league for this team and he left that team after a month.”

LiAngelo would not make a good fit for the NBA, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

LaMelo, on the other hand, is the more gifted one, but with this in the cards, he stands no chance of joining the league.

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